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Threads of My Ancestors

Carlos E. Lesmes







Tallinn University, Estonia

technical info

  • Producers: Carlos E. Lesmes, Merili Laur
  • Cinematographers: Emilia Lloret, Sten Lill, Carlos E. Lesmes

Are your roots where you find them or where you plant them? This is the guiding question of Carlos E. Lesmes’ artistic research. Departing from his own intricate relationship with his roots and feeling at home, he uses film to explore the complex relationship of belonging with variable notions of identity, memory and narrative. In his film he invites the audience to a game of speculative imagination: If I don’t have roots, can I imagine a world where I do? In the process he bridges places where he found a sense of home, experimenting with new approaches to cinematic storytelling.

The film is part of Lesmes artistic research project Threads of My Ancestors: Roots, Memory, and the representations of belonging, which proposes an imaginative and experimental exploration of roots, belonging and identity via the medium of film.

Carlos E. Lesmes (1987) is a Colombian film director living and working in Estonia. Carlos is currently pursuing a PhD degree at Tallinn University and developing his first fiction feature film. Carlos is interested in science fiction, science, comic books, and particle physics, but mostly in how all of this can be tied and used to try and tell stories about the experience of being a human.