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The Farthest Shore

Julian King



5m (excerpt: 1m50s)




Institute of Art Design & Technology, Ireland

This piece is a visual meditation on the search for a place of safety, refuge and rest. The looping video shows the faces of people of different genders, ethnic backgrounds and ages all displayed as faces in the sand on the shore of a beach. As the waves crash upon the beach and recede a new face appears. The artist uses digital sculpting and video editing to create a surreal dream of peace. Dedicated to those who sleep upon the farthest shore.

This video work is an example of Julian King’s research work in advanced image manipulation. As part of that research, he uses the sophisticated digital software that is used in modern sci-fi and fantasy films and adopts this technology to make often surreal images reflecting upon our modern condition.

Julian King graduated as a fine art sculptor in 1986 and works as a designer, model maker and artist. Since 2006 he is affiliated with the Institute of Art Design and Technology - Dun Laoghaire where he is programme chair of the Three-dimensional Design, model making, and digital art programme. His research expertise is in VR/AR, Scanning, 3D printing, digital sculpting and digital character work.