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The Family Portrait

Lea Vidakovic







Lusófona University, Portugal

technical info

  • Audiovisual installation of 7 projections
  • Produced by Adriatic Animation (CRO), Vivement Kundi! (FR), Biberche Productions (RS)

Across 7 images, this animated installation depicts a poetic, dark, and somewhat humorous social observation, in which family ties and relationships are broken down and dissected into pieces. The topic of a dysfunctional family, is fitted to the format of a fragmented spatial narrative that juxtaposes the various layers of relationships between the family members. Furthermore, the traditional puppet animation techniques add a visceral and material aesthetic to the images that enhances the immersive as well as the narrative qualities of the work.

Family Portrait is part of Vidakovic’ research which investigates how narrative fragmentation can be experienced through spatial set ups: Fragmented narratives is space: Exploring storytelling approaches for animated installations.

Lea Vidakovic is a multimedia artist, film director, researcher and educator working with animated installations, expanded media practices and puppet animation. She holds a BA/MA of graphic and painting (Academy of Arts, Zagreb); BA in animation (HVO, Norway); MA of audio-visual arts (KASK, Belgium); PhD in animation studies (NTU/ADM Singapore). She participated in numerous exhibitions, 200+ animation festivals, residencies and scientific conferences and is a winner of several art and film awards. Lea teaches animation and photography at Lusofona University, Lisbon.