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Jon Stam, Maja Kolar, Thomas Hügin, Valentin Vogelmann, Boris Smeenk





LUCA School of Arts

technical info

  • In partnership with Culture Center Delavski dom Trbovlje, Slovenia and MAO, Museum of Architecture and Design, Slovenia. ©MAO collection
  • Co-funded by Creative Europe

SEARCHER explores the networked potential of digital collections as new forms of co-curation within museum spaces. This prototype consists of hybrid e-paper image atlases that allow associative and regenerative searching of museum collections and the saving of new object constellations as narrative readings. The work is inspired by the image atlases of art historian Aby Warburg (1920), which mapped out visual themes across time through association. Using machine learning SEARCHER remediates the image atlas as dynamic ‘thinking spaces,’ where searchings and findings become a spatial, situated, and social act performed by museum professionals and visitors alike. The research challenges the finite boundaries of collections and embraces serendipity—finding something you were not initially looking for.

This prototype is the first practice-led output of the Ph D. in the Arts project Rituals of Access - Designing Interfaces for Agency in Museum Spaces.   

Jon Stam is an Amsterdam based artist and interaction designer practicing under the name of Commonplace Studio, and first-year PhD student at LUCA School of Arts in Belgium. His current research explores the use of dynamic and participatory mediation tools in museums with the aim of making the ‘frontend’ of the museum a more active, accessible, and reciprocal space of exchange.