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ELSA – New Reactive Earth

Lina Persson





Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

ELSA is a speculative story-world that aims to drive new stories and produce future realities. It investigates how the genre of the story-world can act as a guide in today’s complex world, enabling a sense of connection, and facilitating the necessary transitions to sustain it. The exhibition showcases ELSA, a transmedial installation consisting of a short video that introduces the storyworld, an online climate calculator available to browse and explore, printed objects and diagrams that map the storyworld.

The work is an iteration of Persson’s larger research Climate-Just Worldings which engages in speculative world-building, operating under constraints of limited carbon emissions.

Lina Persson develops situated interventions through narrative storyworlds and animated worldbuilding. In her art she works with protocols and conditions that can transform the routines of the environments she enters, as a way to ‘world’ them. She is currently a senior researcher at the film and media department at Stockholm University of the Arts.